Rude Mechanicals’ “Class Act” Summer Workshop 2016

Summer is officially over and much is to be missed about it!

Last May 14th, the culminating program of our “Class Act” summer workshop was held at the Culinary School of Tuloy sa Don Bosco, Alabang.  The program was divided into three performances – the Juniors (“The Captain and the Cat Adventures to Dimension X” by D.M Larson), the Seniors (The Internet is Distract… Oh Look a Kitten!” by Ian McWethy) and the Tuloy cast (“Ang Alamat ng Lamok” by Severino Reyes and Christine Belen).

In the spirit of true Shakespearean staging and giving pride to their teachers and mentors, this year’s mix of workshoppers showed ability and professionalism in putting together their shows without an actual stage, without lapel mics, without lighting design and with minimal props.  They truly held their own, these young actors.


The Junior girls were eager to take on the spotlight and immediately learned lessons on stillness, vocal projection, directness and truth, energy, engaging a crowd, blocking themselves, favoring the audience, and determining a given role’s character and execution.

The Seniors, dealing with a comedic and most relevant material (about social media), had to work extra hard on clarity of speech (enunciation and rhythm in the delivery of lines), not dropping their last syllables, maximizing punchlines and ending strong, differentiating sense and hilarity, building character away from one’s own personality, and timing.

The Tuloy kids, having been consistent in taking classes with us, continuously strive in building their confidence, focus, creativity in improvisation as leads and ensemble players, energy exchange, respect for co-actors, and teamwork.

Many lessons are to be learned in theater and we are confident that these are lessons that the kids will take home and find useful even long after the summer season.  Not to mention being able to take home precious memories of face painting, yoga poses, and even a visit from the touring Manila cast of “Les Miserables” during one session.


Weekly Saturday classes will resume in July.  Check the Rude Mechanicals Facebook page for further announcements.

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