“Why William?” a Shakespeare lecture demo!

We spent some time with the students of Pamantasan ng Muntinlupa last March 31 to present “Why William?”, a little lecture and demonstration on why we study Shakespeare. We presented scenes and speeches from a couple of our favorite shows and presented some of the kids from our Tuloy Theater class doing a scene from a Filipino translation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”! We’re so proud of them…we gave them the scene on a Tuesday and by Thursday they had it (mostly) committed to memory and are now itching to do the full-length show!

Props to our audience for a lively Q and A session afterwards…it was briefly interrupted by a power failure but questions continued in the dark and well after the power came back on! They were also so game to read a sonnet with us and to play our “Shakespeare or not Shakespeare” mini game.

If you want “Why William” or one of our full-length Shakespeare productions to visit your school, let us know!



Viola woos Olivia on Malvolio’s behalf


Helena concluding that love looks not with the eye but with the mind


The Rude Mechanicals playing the very characters that gave our company its name


Bottom turns into a Donkey


It’s love at first sight for Titania


Titania’s fairy minions meet their mistress’ new love


“What, jealous Oberon?” it’s never a good idea to get Fairy Royalty mad


Fairy folk comparing bosses


The Rude Mechanicals scene from the audience’s perspective


Former BFFs Helena and Hermia get into a cat fight


Helena and Hermia, Pinoy edition


Well done, Tuloy kids!


Malvolio being all officious


Rude Mechs actor Chino Veguillas makes an emphatic point during the Q and A session


Shakespeare or not Shakespeare? Actors and Audience alike try to identify whether each given word or quote was penned by Shakespeare or not. It was trickier than they thought!


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